Alexander I. Bobenko. Preprints

A.I. Bobenko, S. Heller, N. Schmitt, Minimal n-Noids in hyperbolic and anti-de Sitter 3-space (2019) arXiv:1902.07992 [math.DG]

A.I. Bobenko, U. Bücking, Convergence of discrete period matrices and discrete holomorphic
  integrals for ramified coverings of the Riemann sphere (2018) arXiv:1809.04847 [math.CV]

A.I. Bobenko, W.K. Schief, J. Techter, Checkerboard incircular nets. Laguerre geometry and parametrization (2018) arXiv:1808.07254 [math.DG]

A.I. Bobenko, H. Pottmann, T. Rörig, Multi-nets. Classification of discrete and smooth surfaces with characteristic properties on arbitrary parameter rectangles (2018) arXiv:1802.05063 [math.DG]

A.I. Bobenko, S.P. Tsarev, Curvature line parametrization from circle patterns (2007) arXiv:0706.3221 [math.DG], Source codes and log files: lemma_conj.frm , lemma_conj.log , lemma_circ.frm , lemma_circ.log

A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, Discrete differential geometry. Consistency as integrability, Preliminary version of a book (2005) math.DG/0504358

A.I. Bobenko, Finite-gap constant mean curvature tori in R3 and S3. LOMI preprint E-3-89, Leningrad (1989) [pdf file]

A.I. Bobenko, Uniformization and finite-gap integration. LOMI preprint P-10-86, Leningrad (1986) [in Russian] [pdf file]

R.F. Bikbaev, A.I. Bobenko, A.R. Its, The Landau-Lifshitz equation. The theory of solutions I and II. Preprints Don FTI-84-6(81) and FTI-84-7(82), Donetsk (1984) [in Russian] [part 1 (.pdf)] [part 2(.pdf)]