Prof. Dr. Jochen Blath

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Please find below a list of thesis projects in my group.

PhD theses / Dissertationen
  • Leif Doering: "Fine properties of Symbiotic Branching Processes" (2009)
  • Matthias Steinruecken: "Multiple Merger Coalescents and Population Genetic Inference" (2009)
  • Sergej Beck: "New classes of large claim size distributions: Introduction, properties and applications", joint supervision with Prof. M. Scheutzow (Berlin), (2014)
  • Adrian Gonzalez Casanova "The effect of Latency in population genetics" (2015)
  • Eugenio Buzzoni, since 2014


Masters Theses / Masterarbeiten

20 betreute Masterarbeiten


Bachelor theses / Bachelorarbeiten

34 betreute Bachelorarbeiten


Diploma theses / Diplomarbeiten

17 betreute Diplomarbeiten



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