Prof. Dr. Jochen Blath

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Research Group "Stochastic Processes and Their Applications"

Current members:

Longterm guests:

  • Dr. Adrian Gonzalez Casanova (UNAM Mexico), BMS substitute Professor (July-Oct 2018)

  • JProf. Dr. Maite Wilke Berenguer (U Bochum)

Some former members and students who stayed in academia:

  • JProf. Dr. Maite Wilke Berenguer, wiss. Mitarbeiterin, in joint project with Prof. N. Kurt (DFG BL 1005/5-1), from Sept 2018: Juniorprofessorin, U Bochum,

  • Dr. Jere Koskela, post-doctoral research assistant (DFG project BL 1105/3-2), now assistant professor, U Warwick,

  • Dr. Adrian Gonzalez Casanova, graduate student RTG 1845 and BMS, now Ass. Prof., UNAM Mexico City,

  • Dr. Bjarki Eldon, post-doctoral research assistant (DFG project BL 1105/3-1), now Postdoc at Naturkundemuseum Berlin,

  • Dr. Florian Völlering, post-doctoral research assistant (DFG project BL 1105/4-1), now postdoc at U Bath,

  • Prof. Dr. Noemi Kurt, research assistant (2011-2014), now Juniorprofessor at TU Berlin,

  • Dr. Marcel Ortgiese, research assistant (2011-2013), Juniorprofessor at WWU Muenster, now Lecturer at U Bath

  • Dr. Uygun Jamilov, visiting researcher (2013), scholarship of IMU Einstein Foundation Program (joint with Prof. Scheutzow), now post-doctoral position at National University Tashkent,

  • Prof. Dr. Leif Doering, research assistant (2006-2009), now Professor at U Mannheim,

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinruecken, IRTG graduate student / research assistant (2006-2009), Ass. Professor U Mass Amherst, now Ass. Professor U Chicago

  • Dr. Sergej Beck, PhD student (2010-2014, joint supervision with Prof. Scheutzow),
    supported by "Verein zur Foerderung der Versicherungsmathematik an den Berliner Universitaeten e.V.",

  • Dr. Benedikt Jahnel, Diplomand, now postdoc at WIAS Berlin.

Last modified: 2018.