Me at Saint-Michel monastery, photo credit Tristan Haugomat.

Carlo Bellingeri

Welcome to my personal webpage.

I am Post-Doc at the TU Berlin, working in the group of Peter Friz.

From October 2015 to July 2019 I did my PhD at the LPSM laboratory, under the supervision of Lorenzo Zambotti.

Here you can find my CV and my PhD Thesis.

Research interests

Stochastic Partial Differential Equation, Regularity Structures, Rough Paths

History of Mathematics (19th Century Italian Mathematics)


C. Bellingeri, Peter K. Friz, Máté Gerencsér Singular paths spaces and applications Arxiv Preprint arXiv:2003.03352 (2020).

C. Bellingeri, A. Djurdjevac, Peter K. Friz, N. Tapia Transport and continuity equations with (very) rough noise Arxiv Preprint arXiv:2002.10432 (2020).


C. Bellingeri, An Itô type formula for the additive stochastic heat equation Electron. J. Probab. Vol. 25, paper no. 2, 1-52 (2020).